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Japanese Company Plans to Launch Electric Rickshaws in Pakistan

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A Japanese company is planning to introduce electric rickshaws in Pakistan by importing CKD and CBU units, however, existing import duty tariff is making it difficult to compete in the market. The company has requested the government for the elimination of duty tariff on import of electric rickshaws in CKD and CBU form.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is finding a way to determine the tax collection related issues of Japanese financial specialists, especially delay in an installment of discounts, based on suggestions made by Board of Investment (BOI). 

BOI has sent the proposition of Japanese business bunches in Pakistan. The FBR has gotten a proposition in regards to tax assessment on unique financial zone (SEZ) endeavors and tax collection on new speculation and reinvestment. Financial specialists have proposed fast discount of propelling assess at import organize and convenient issuance of exclusion testament for propelling impose and additionally withholding charge. The expansion in the legitimacy of issued exclusion declarations is short. The SEZ undertaking is excluded from all duties on wage, be that as it may, least expense is gathered

About the tax assessment on new ventures and reinvestments, Japanese financial specialists have suggested that the base duty is charged against turnover independent of benefit or misfortune. This base assessment should be canceled. 

The BOI has additionally asked for the FBR for the abolishment of assessment on undistributed benefits, which ruins reinvestments. The BOI has sent the recommendations to FBR for thought. The FBR might be guided by the PM Office to think about the same.

In the past, on directions of the Prime Minister’s Office, Board of Investment hosted a meeting to address issues faced by Japanese investors in Pakistan. In addition to the major Japanese companies in Pakistan, representatives from the Japanese Consulate in Pakistan as well as Pakistan-Japan Business Forum, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and JICA participated in that meeting.
Japanese companies have been successfully operating in Pakistan for more than 5 decades. Cognizant of the fact that Japanese firms are contributing to the economy of Pakistan, the BOI decided to come to Japanese companies based in Karachi to appreciate their work and help resolve their issues, if any. He assured Japanese firms that BOI will try to address their issues and where possible send the recommendations to the Prime Minister for policy making and necessary directions to the concerned authorities.

Other Proposals

It was likewise suggested that separated from Bridgestone, Dunlop and Yokohama, different tires are being advertised in Pakistan by Japanese organizations. Tires cannot be classified as extravagance products. Such increment in obligation has expanded the weight on the nearby customers. 

The BOI is concentrating on disentangling business enlistment through one window, streamlining charge administration, improving techniques and procedures in each phase of the business cycle. The focal point of BOI design is to present straightforwardness through rearrangements of standards and directions, computerization and diminishment time and cost included. 

Some facilitative measures, including new online programming for Customs Act, 1969 leeway (WeBOC) have been propelled in real ports to enhance the traditions freedom. Around 70% exchange is being cleared through green channels including no human taking care of and physical examination for paying assessments.

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