It appears to be difficult to keep a handset as prominent as the iPhone XI a mystery, and today we have another release, this time as schematics for the biggest, most premium of the three supposed handsets, which we’ll call the iPhone XI Plus until further notice, alongside the more moderate alternative, which were as of now alluding to as the iPhone 9.

The schematics were acquired by Forbes from extra creator Ghostek, so they’re not really Apple’s own schematics, but rather there’s a reasonable shot Ghostek has access to plan data, since it will require that with a specific end goal to have cases prepared for the dispatch of the iPhone XI go.

What’s more, a similar source has furnished Forbes with exact Samsung Galaxy S9 data previously.

Starting with the iPhone XI Plus, it apparently has a 6.5-inch screen, which is in line with previous rumors. Its dimensions meanwhile, are said to be 157.2 x 77.1mm, which would make it slightly smaller than the 158.4 x 78.1mm iPhone 8 Plus. 

However, the XI Plus is said to have a steel chassis, rather than an aluminum one, likely making it heavier than the 202g iPhone 8 Plus.
Picture Credit Forbes/Ghostek
Concerning the outline of the iPhone XI Plus, it looks pretty much indistinguishable to the iPhone X, finish with an indent at the best. 

The Forbes article invests a great deal of energy discussing a triple-focal point camera, however we’re not persuaded this is exact – the schematic does to be sure have three circles which could be camera focal points, yet one of them is likely a glimmer, particularly as the iPhone X has a comparative arrangement, and Apple is supposed to change to triple-focal point cameras yet not until one year from now.

Picture Credit Forbes / Ghostek

Moving on to the iPhone 9, (which Forbes believes will simply be called the ‘iPhone’), the handset is drawn with a notch but it’s seemingly larger than on the iPhone XI Plus, as are the bezels, and on the back there’s just a single-lens camera.

It’s said to have a 6.1-inch screen, as we’ve heard before, and dimensions of 147.12 x 71.52mm. Forbes adds that reportedly the iPhone 9 will have first generation Face ID technology, while the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus will get a second-generation version of it, but this information apparently comes from an unproven source, so take it with a pinch of salt.
The schematics though could well be accurate, but even if they are it’s possible that things will change ahead of launch, which will likely happen in September.

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