Andrey Meshkov, Co-Founder of Adguard has found some prominent Google Chrome Extensions to take Facebook information and perusing movement of a large number of clients. Cambridge Analytica may have closed down, yet at the same time, there remains a popularity for stolen client information. 

Meshkov led an automated clean of all openly accessible Chrome Extensions and shared his discoveries in a blog entry. The output hailed different expansions for having security issues. One of the real issues Meshkov distinguished was that rehashed demands made to different Facebook areas. These expansions are right now being utilized by more than 420,000 clients.

The Google Chrome extensions under investigation started scraping user data once the browser kickstarted and a Facebook account was logged into. The extensions also put efforts to parse purchase history associated with respective user accounts. The data collected was sent to an Amazon server, rented by the spyware developers. These extensions sent an alarming amount of Facebook data to the server that also included all the interests mentioned by a Facebook user.

The accompanying Chrome extension was hailed to have been taking Facebook information and following program history: 
  • Video Downloader for Facebook, having 170K+ users
  • PDF Merge – PDF Files Merger, having 125K+ users
  • Album & Photo Manager for Facebook, having 93K+ users
  • Pix cam – Webcam Effects, having 31K+ users   

The rundown of data gathered by these extensions included Facebook profile information including socioeconomics and rundown of interests. The extensions likewise gathered the perusing history on Facebook, be it customary or supported Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube recordings or promotions. The augmentations were followed by an Israeli organization, named Unimania, Inc, be that as it may, Meshkov was not able to follow this data back to the proprietors of the organization. After Meshkov detailed his revelation to Google, it has brought down all the spyware extensions.

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