Criminal instal stolen CCTV camera at home, streams live film back to real owner

In a particular instance of theft, a criminal stole somebody’s surveillance camera just to introduce it at his own home and live-spilled his everyday life to the actual owner.

As it happened, a man in Shanghai’s Jiangsu area stole a security camera from an office. But instead of selling it, the thief installed it at his own place, live-streaming the everyday life of his entire family back to the actual owner! Yes, the man set up the CCTV at his home and transmitted footage of even people changing clothes.

The stupid mistake led, at last, drove the police to him. The man had no clue that the unchanged camera’s IP deliver would send recordings to the real owner. “Following the burglary, the owner of the lost surveillance camera was shocked to find that the cheat had introduced the CCTV camera within his own home without changing the camera’s IP address,” the Shanghaiist revealed. 

The police could follow the hooligan effortlessly with the assistance of reconnaissance film. When he was kept, he asserted to take the camera with a specific end goal to “screen his youngsters’ exercises”. He additionally included he had “definitely no intimation that it was really transmitting film to the first proprietor.”

The story quickly went viral on Chinese social media and Netizens could not stop trolling the thief. People were surprised by his stupidity and couldn’t believe he assisted the cops to find him. “He shouldn’t have become a thief with an IQ like that,” wrote one Netizen.

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