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For as long as a couple of years, Amazon has had two of the most prevalent family room items: the Echo brilliant speaker and the Fire TV media streamer. It’s been an open mystery that in the long run the organization would join them, and now it has, as the new Fire TV Cube. It mixes Amazon’s Echo shrewd speaker skill and Alexa voice right hand with a media spilling box equipped for controlling your lounge room’s whole amusement stack.
The $119.99 Fire TV Cube is the best idea as the posterity of an Echo and a Fire TV 4K. It has the greater part of an indistinguishable substance alternatives from a Fire TV 4K — Netflix, Hulu, PS Vue, Amazon Prime Video, et cetera — yet it brings the Echo’s broad far-field voice control abilities to your TV. The Fire TV Cube gives you a chance to bark orders from over the space to look for motion pictures or TV appears, dispatch video gushing applications, and play, respite, and control volume with your voice.
Be that as it may, you would already be able to do the greater part of that with a Fire TV 4K and a matched Amazon Echo. What the Fire TV 3D square adds to the blend is its capacity to control different gadgets you have connected to your TV, for example, a soundbar, link box, or Blu-beam player with your voice. In the event that everything works, the Fire TV 3D shape should give you a chance to control your whole excitement stack while never picking up a remote.
In any event, that is the manner by which it’s publicized on the container. Furthermore, in my experience of testing the Fire TV Cube in the course of recent days, its Alexa-based voice control framework works more regularly than it doesn’t. Be that as it may, I’m not tossing my remotes in the refuse at this time.

Image source yahoo finance

What improves owning a Cube than basically interfacing your Echo to your current Fire TV, other than that reality that it’s less expensive than purchasing both, is that the Cube enables you to control your TV and associated embellishments notwithstanding certain applications. 
For example, say your TV and soundbar are off, however you need to switch them on and watch the New York Mets club the simple idea of baseball to death. Rather than turning on your TV with your remote, at that point turning on your soundbar with another remote and, at long last, turning to the diversion, you can state, “Alexa, turn on the TV and tune to channel 62,” and the Cube will switch on your set and begin broadcasting the waking bad dream that is Mets baseball. 
At the point when the TV is off, the Cube handles speaker’s obligation, however, when your site is on, it assumes control sound yield. Along these lines, in case you’re utilizing your PlayStation and need to change back to the Cube, you can even now hear Alexa affirm your demand. It additionally implies you can in any case tune in to music, utilize aptitudes, get your glimmer preparation or initiate brilliant home gadgets without having to likewise turn on your TV.
Amazon said it needed to basically give clients a chance to control their Cube with simply their voice, and the organization has to a great extent achieved that objective. In case you’re on the Home screen, for instance, you can state, “Alexa, indicate me more,” and the voice aide will look to uncover extra applications. 
The Cube’s menu additionally changes when you utilize your voice, adding numbers to every choice, so you can state, “Alexa, select number 1,” to pick an application or show. It’s not really the speediest method to get things done. Regardless, I want to utilize the included remote to look through the menus since it’s quicker. In any case, it’s useful realizing that in the event that I lose my clicker, I can in any case get to Netflix without downloading the dreadful Fire TV remote application for my telephone. 
I’m additionally not a gigantic aficionado of utilizing Alexa to increase the volume on my TV, since it moves in such little augmentations, and requires that you request that the partner pump up the sound a few times. On the off chance that Amazon gives you a chance to change the volume to a particular level, it would be considerably more helpful. Rewinding TV shows and recordings was similarly moderate, and now and again, didn’t appear to work great. Gratefully, the product I tried on the Cube isn’t the last retail form, and ought to be refreshed to address any issues.
What’s more, since the Echo Show is still $229, the Cube basically makes it out of date. Now, the main motivation to possess a Show is whether you don’t have a TV in the room you need to keep it in.

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