Ali Zafar files defamation suit against Meesha Shafi
Ali Zafar, an eminent pop artist as of now confronting inappropriate behavior assertions from kindred performer Meesha Shafi, on Saturday documented a slander suit in a region court against his informer. The claim, asserting harms of PKR 1 billion, was documented under the Defamation Ordinance 2002, detailed Geo News. 

The notice, sent by Zafar, said that Shafi harmed his notoriety through false charges.

It read: “Be that as it may, that due to the defamatory campaign being spearheaded by the defendant, the plaintiff besides special damages in case of defamation further suffered the following damages: Mental torture 2 crores, loss of contacts 8 crores, loss of reputation/ goodwill 50 crores, loss of business opportunities 40 crores.”
Shafi had received a legal notice sent by Zafar’s counsel earlier as well, which asked her to issue an apology on Twitter, failing which he would file a PKR 1 billion-defamation case against her.
Earlier, Ali Zafar had sent a legal notice demanding Meesha Shafi to apologize over the sexual harassment allegations she made against him. In the legal notice, Ali has asked Meesha to delete the tweet of allegations and issue an apology.
The Pakistani singer-songwriter has “categorically denied all claims of harassment” made by Shafi.
In an internet based life post, Meesha Shafi claimed that Zafar pestered her on different events. She imparted a long note to a subtitle that read, “Sharing this since I trust that by standing up about my own particular experience of inappropriate behavior, I will end the way of life of quiet that saturates through our general public. It is difficult to stand up.. be that as it may, it is harder to remain quiet. My heart won’t permit it any longer #MeToo”
Ali Zafar files defamation suit against Meesha Shafi

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