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What is Ramadan? | Basic Fact about Ramadan | When Ramadan 2018 is starting ?

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If you're Non-Muslim  and belongs to some other religion and you want to know about Ramadan then you are at right place. Hope this article will Fulfill you're requirement about the knowledge of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the Holiest  month of Islam for Muslims . Ramadan is the ninth of the Islamic calendar and its is dependent on a moon-sighting methodology, Which requires a physical new moon sighting, it is also known as Hijri calendar which is based on lunar cycle. So now the year is 2018 and in South Asian country Pakistan Ramadan will begins on the evening of May 18, and it is scheduled to end a month later on the evening of June 17. According to the country Ramadan will begins different date at different countries such as in Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia , Dubai , Qatar ,Ramadan will begin on 17 of May According to the moon sighting, In USA and Canada Ramadan will Begin on the evening of May 15 
The holy month will end between June 14 and june 17 in different parts of the world.

So Radaman is the Whole Month contain 4 Weeks Each week has its specific name and the final week include intese prayer and after Ramadan Three-day holiday are given to all Muslims called EID-UL-FITAR, which means "festival of breaking the fast".

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are expected to pray and fast from dusk to dawn. Muslims eat pre require meal on Dawn and this meal is know as Sehri or Sahoor, during Dusk when Muslim break the fast and starts eating this meal is known as Aftaar or Aftari.
Break the fast by eating Dates are Sunnah because Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him also broke the fast while eating dates so it become Sunnah for Muslims.Mosques and aid organizations are known to set up free Aftar meals for the public each night of Ramadan.

There are few restriction during fast Which are as following

 1.Muslims are not only required to fast during daylight hours.

 2.Abstain from sexual intercourse between spouses.

 3.Smoking is prohibited during fast.

 4.Swearing, arguments, foul Language  or gossip are also prohibited.

Some people are exempt from fasting. Children, the elderly, those who are sick, women who are menstruating, pregnant or nursing, and travelers are excluded from fasting.

 In some countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE if people are eating openly in public places strictly Action has been taken such as fined or jailed.

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