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Shark attack on a 10-year-old boy on Hilton Head Island

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Tonya Turrell told the Island Packet of Hilton Head that her child Jei was nibbled in the correct lower arm while he and his sibling were playing Sunday on Hilton Head Island. 

Turrell says the family had been at the shoreline around an hour when she heard her child shouting ,"Shark!" and saw blood. 

"He is a trooper," said Turrell, who wrapped Jei's arm in a towel and went to a lifeguard for help. "He is so overcome."

Jei Turell's arm was actually tore separated by a shark. The kid was transported to a Savannah hospital, experiencing 90 minutes surgery.

Although nobody saw a shark in the water, Hilton Head Island Beach Patrol says it was a conceivable shark assault.

“Typically when someone comes out the water bleeding we’re dealing with sting rays, maybe cuts from shells on the feet,”said Mike Wagner, tasks chief for Hilton Head Island Shore Beach Service."In this case, it was on the arm, which is a little unusual for us."
Specialists at the Florida Museum of Natural History affirmed the shark chomp from photographs of the injury.

"There's an enormous amount of blacktop in right now," said Chip Michalove, sanction commander of Outcast Sport Fishing."I just called it the other day, I said there are so many Blacktip sharks in our waters right now and they're extra aggressive, they were swarming the back of the boat."
Turrell said she wouldn't have released her youngsters into the water on the off chance that she'd thought about later, visit water departures in the Hilton Head Island territory. As per Mike Wagner, tasks chief for Hilton Head Island Shore Beach Service, those happen every day amid the late spring season. A portion of those departures are for shark sightings or lightning strikes, however, most are to get swimmers wandering too far out, Wagner said. 

A few days before Jei was comped, there were departures in the late morning and early evening after a shark was spotted swimming forward and backward in shallow water in the territory. Sunday evening's occurrence was the main announced shark nibble of 2018 on Hilton Head Island, as indicated by Wagner. 

In 2017, there were 10 affirmed shark assaults in South Carolina. Of those, eight were on Hilton Head Island.

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