The 8Pack OrionX is the thing that you’d call a perfect work of art. It gives another vision to what a work area PC can be and the outcome is a stunning framework highlighting just the quickest filtered out parts, including four TITAN X GPUs. It likewise utilizes three completely custom watercooling circles to hold all equipment temperatures within proper limits. 

Worked by Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry, one of the world’s most popular overclockers and part of the group at Overclockers UK, the framework gives what you may call an “unreliable level of energy”. The OrionX houses two work area frameworks, one utilizing the devotee’s workstation X99 stage, and the other utilizing the most recent Intel top of the line stage Z270 (Kaby Lake). The two frameworks work independently from each other, yet pair, because of the genuine Super Flower Leadex ‘8Pack Edition’ 2000W PSU situated at the base of the pinnacle. One framework can be utilized for a substantial rendering session, while you play your most loved diversion, or work on a different undertaking on the other – gracefully. 

Running two frameworks in a single PC makes an expansive level of warmth, so 8Pack required the best watercooling equipment to coordinate the level of crazy determination. Every framework’s fundamental parts in this way have isolate water cooling circles to have the capacity to progressively control the fans and pumps to hold clamor and temperatures down. This is the thing that roused the three-circle outline; ideal cooling for all equipment and extreme control. 

There was some truly crazy tubing going ahead to interface these circles, where go through plates produced using cleaned acrylic were utilized to control the liquid around the dividers and mid-plate of the case. Inside these go through plates the liquid goes on a few levels to make a definitive look when enlightened. Going above and beyond, he incorporated a two-layer go through permitting the GPU circle to keep running over the CPU circle. The GPU’s being bolstered from the side rather than the standard underneath with the fluid seeming to crisscross crosswise over them.

“I wanted to create a truly jaw-dropping system which would be a world leader in both aesthetics and performance.” Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry 

System specification

Motherboard: Asus Rampage V ED 10 Intel X99
Processor: i9 chipset
Graphics: x3 Nvidia TITAN X
Ram:64GB DDR4
Primary SSD: Intel 750 1.2TB PCI-E NVMe SSD (water-cooled)
Secondary SSDs: 2 Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSDs in RAID 0 (2TB & double the speed)
HDD Storage: Seagate Barracuda 10TB HDD

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