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Obama Warns: If America Remains So Partitioned, Our Democracy And Economy Won't Survive

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Ex-Presidentof USA Barack Obama was in front of an audience Wednesday evening at a tech gathering in Las Vegas facilitated by personality security organization Okta where he discussed the eventual fate of the nation. 
Obama's past open appearances since leaving office have been unfailingly confident about America's future. Be that as it may, when Okta CEO Todd McKinnon asked Obama his considerations on the idea of character nowadays.

Obama said,
We live in a culture today where everybody feels the crush of information and the collision of worlds.

He further explained, This is altogether different than how our ancestors lived their lives, he called attention to. People have, for the vast majority of their history, experienced their entire lives in a similar fundamental geographic zone where they were conceived, had a system of companions that extended to possibly 150 individuals and lived in social orders.

He said,
That's sort of how our brains are wired, 

In any case, today, individuals can without much of a stretch move the nation over or over the world. Furthermore, everybody utilizes innovation — even in creating nations like Africa, everyone has a cell phone. 

That implies our reality is more connected, and innovation is reshaping our connections, our entrance to data and the way we make our livings. 

 The colossal thing about the United States is that we've had a head begin over managing this sort of setup contrasted with whatever is left of the world since we are a country of settlers. 

He Said,
We are a people that came from everywhere else, so we had to figure out how to join together and work together, not based on race, or religious faith or even, initially, language, but based on creed and a sense of principals.

The test Americans confront today is how would we keep up that feeling of normal reason, our 'in it together,' rather than chipping and partitioning? As we are finding in a few verbal confrontations in online networking and somewhere else, it's harder to do today. Be that as it may, I think it turns out to be more fundamental than any time in recent memory, in light of the fact that on the off chance that we don't make sense of it, not exclusively will it be hard for our economy to survive however it will be hard for our majority rules system to survive.

Obama trusts that one vital way we can keep up and increment a national personality, where residents see themselves as Americans initially, as opposed to individuals from a specific clan (like our political gathering, or race, or gender) is by imparting stories to each other. The more we can do that, the more we'll see each different as kindred people, as opposed to as caricatures representing to some other tribe. 

He said,
Right now part of our polarization is that if you watch Fox News all day, or you read the New York Times, you are occupying two different realities. We have to be able to figure out, in this multiplicity of platforms, to have some common baseline of facts that allow us to meet and solve problems.

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