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ISLAMABAD: The federal government, led by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), in its 6th and last spending plan exhibited in the lower house of the Parliament on Friday by the recently enlisted Finance Minister Miftah Ismail. 

The administration has proposed numerous motivating forces for relatively every sector of the nation including vehicle industry. 

As indicated by the new auto arrangement proposed in the financial backing, individuals won't be permitted to purchase another vehicle, nearby or foreign made, worth over Rs4 million, until the point that they document pay government form. 

The new advance taken by the administration is to energize individuals/non-filers to document salary assessment forms, which will expand the income of the government.

The decision to put a restriction on non-filers' buy of vehicles won't be invited by the auto-sectors as it will profoundly influence their sales and deals. The explanation for this is significant part of Pakistan's population does not record tax return forms. 

The new choice proposed by the government will be talked about in the parliament and once concluded then non-filer won't have the capacity to purchase new autos. 

In addition, the government  likewise proposed the decrease of customs duty charges on import of firefighting vehicles from 30% to 10%.

(image source: FBR)
KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has informed withholding charge rates for filers and non-filers on enrollment of new privately made engine vehicles. 

As per Withholding Tax Card 2017/2018, the FBR said that under Section 231B of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, motor vehicle registration authority should collect withholding charge from people getting new privately produced motor vehicle moved for the sake of filers or non-filers of pay assessment form at the season of enlistment/registration of new motor vehicles. 

Following are the withholding charge rates told by the FBR for filers and non-filers on enrollment of new engine vehicles of various motor limit: 

Registration of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle CC                    Filer          Non-Filer 

Up to 850CC                            Rs7,500          Rs10,000 

851CC     to  1,000CC             Rs15,000         Rs25,000 

1,001CC  to  1,300CC             Rs25,000       Rs40,000 

1,301CC  to  1,600CC             Rs50,000       Rs100,000 

1,601CC  to  1,800CC             Rs75,000         Rs150,000 

1,801CC  to  2,000CC            Rs100,000       Rs200,000 

2,001CC  to  2,500CC            Rs150,000       Rs300,000 

2,501CC  to  3,000CC            Rs200,000 Rs400,000 

Over 3,000CC                         Rs250,000 Rs450,000

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