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New trending "Black Dot " WhatsApp bug Crashes iPhone See how to fix it

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A 2 weeks ago, one of my friend recieved a whatsapp message have a black dot and a text or emoji for asking you to touch the black dot 
which is going to crash or hang the WhatsApp application on both Android and iOS.
At the back-end of this infected message it contained a hidden Telgu script which is written my some South Indian's comprised of Unicode characters or UNICODE BIDIRECTIONAL ALGORITHM that made the CPU go out of control.
At the result this code hang the application and even some android devices those CPU are weak.

The infected message goes a step further in iOS Messages, as once it has caused freezing the app doesn’t get to normal even if the device is completely restarted. This infected message create flaw in iphone X along with 8 and 7 series as well and might also work in the previous models. 
According to the reports the older iphone like 6s,6,5s,5 are more effective by this bug. Currently the latest version of iphones are also effectef too.

Furthermore it's not only the mobile phones but this bug also infected the Window's and macOS too. As we open this message in our personal computers the memory of our sytems consume alot.
But this bug has a simple solution.All you have to do is somehow make the Messages app work so that you can wipe off the harmful emoji message right away without opening it ever again.
You can do this by using 3D touch on Messages app icon on the homescreen, and then tapping on ‘New Message’. Once the window for a new message appears, simply cancel it and there, you would have the inbox from which you can delete the problematic message. You can also do this via another iCloud –connected device.

Watch the Video down below by Tom Scott to understand the Mastermind strategy at the Back-end of this message. 

If you want to learn some of  UNICODE BIDIRECTIONAL ALGORITHM  basic's click the link down below

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Solution Source : techradar

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