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Nature's Superheroes,The indestructible animals.

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Have you wandered do Superheros actually exist?Well according to biologist they do.

These are terigrades 8 legged water inhibitats
These micro animals where first discovered in 1773 but now we know they can be found anywhere in the world from mount Everest to the deepest of oceans 

So what makes them so special after-all we have far prettier and dangerous animals on this planet.

Well what makes them so special is there ability to survive almost anything or any situation you could imagine of.You could boil them in water and they will enjoy it like humans enjoy hot tub as they have the ability to tolerate up-to 150°C temperature. If you are thinking that if boiling didn't do the job freezing might? Then you are wrong again they can survive up-to -257°C which is close to absolute zero.

Not only that you can send them in space or roast them with amount six times greater then what is deemed lethal for humans they will still be fine.They can also survive pressures that can will crush strongest of man made submarines.These animals can live 30 years with food or water as they reduce their metabolic activity to just .01% of their actual metabolic rate.

So what is there importance?Well these are the pioneers that start and restart an ecosystem by being the first and the last to remain there.These animals can survive any apocalypse humans have always feared but they can inspire and help humans in making things they have always dreamed of.

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