NASA Launches its Rocket to Mars after 6 years. - Insight Trending

NASA Launches its Rocket to Mars after 6 years.

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A rocket Lift of from the surface of the earth for Mars early Saturday, which mark NASA's first journey to the Mars in six years, in a mission that is expected to last nearly six months.
The rocket used in this mission build by Boeing and Lockheed Martin.They used Atlas V rocket to lift the spacecraft off the Earth's surface and send it on it way to the Mars.

All part of the Insight spacecraft crusise stage, heat-obsorbing shell and lander were built by Lockheed Once the spacecraft reaches the Mars, than it will disconnect from the cruise stage an begin to entering the atmoshphere.
When the Insight reach near the surface of the Mars it will use parachute to continue to decelerate before firing its on board descent engines for a Successfull landing.

Insight is to travel through space for Almost next six month, it can reach Mars in November 2018.

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