What’s in store from the up and coming KIA autos in Pakistan

Following quite a while of mastery by real players and seeing the development of a syndication, the Pakistani car industry, finally, has new rivalry. Kia Lucky engines have setup itself and they will dispatch no under four new models in 2018 and 2019.

Be that as it may, before they really convey the merchandise, we should investigate the US and Euro spec variants of the Picanto, Rio, Sportage and Grand Carnival. Check the tech, the guarantee and get a thought of how they will charge in the Pakistani market and above all take a gander at how they contend with match models from Suzuki, Toyota and Honda.

Kia Picanto

  • Engine: 1.0L Naturally Aspirated MPI Inline 3
  • Power: 66 HP
  • Torque: 96 Nm
  • Fuel Economy: 17.5 km/l
  • Estimated Price: PKR. 1,250 000 – 1,450 000
The Kia Picanto is 3595mm long and only 2400mm between the wheels. The Picanto imparts a stage to the Hyundai i10, which isn’t an awful thing. The EURO-6 consistent motor, snappy and responsive yet never quick as the 66 HP figure recommends, it is more refined and less boisterous when contrasted with its opponents.

 The NEDC rates the Picanto for up to 23 km/l. It plainly demonstrates that Kia is rivaling Suzuki, as it’s aggressive set could be extended to incorporate anything from Mehran to the Swift in spite of the fact that Wagon-R and Cultus, are viewed as the fundamental targets. Kia unmistakably has a leg up in both inside and outside styling, the materials are relied upon to be better than its PKDM matches also. Not to overlook, the efficiency figures are additionally to support it.

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The Picanto is shockingly fun and agreeable for a little auto, the 5-Speed manual gearbox would be my inclination for its fresh moves, better mileage and execution. A 4-Speed Automatic is additionally accessible in the event that you have some additional money and an apathetic left leg, to the detriment of execution and proficiency. Not long from now, Kia will dispatch a model of the Picanto that will highlight a 1.0L Turbocharged and Direct-Injected motor with 100 HP and 172 NM of torque! Despite the fact that in all genuineness, I don’t anticipate that it will be seen here.

Kia Rio Hatchback

  • Engine: 1.4L Naturally Aspirated MPI Inline 4
  • Power: 98 HP
  • Torque: 133 Nm
  • Fuel Economy: 14.5 km/l
  • Price: PKR 1,750 000 – 2,000 000
The Rio is my undisputed top choice in the Pakistani Kia line-up, however that may change on the off chance that they bring the Stinger GT here. No doubt, the Rio we get will be the vehicle variation. Notwithstanding, as I would like to think, the incubate is more functional, energy, better looking and generally speaking a superior decision. The hatchback will without a doubt be a gigantic interest in a classification that isn’t generally welcomed here, yet the Rio is unquestionably one auto that can change minds notwithstanding when set against huge weapons like the Honda City and Toyota Corolla.
It will enthusiasm to perceive how things go as outlooks aren’t anything but difficult to change. All things considered, one thing is totally clear about the Rio it is one truly competent vehicle, the motor is smooth, punchy and productive. It is accessible with 5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic, 6-Speed Manual or a 6-Speed Automatic. Present day tech like Lane Departure Warning,

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Independent Emergency Braking, Apple Car Play and Android Auto or accessing on higher trims, however may not be accessible here. A 1-liter turbo motor much like the Picanto’s 1.0L Turbo is offered here too. However, it won’t be accessible in Pakistan. The inside outline is a score over its nearby adversaries, however the fabricate quality must be surveyed when the auto turns out. Ultimately, the ex-Audi fashioner Peter Schreyer has composed a perfect work of art here.
No minimized hatchback looks this great. Lively, created and gorgeous, the Rio is bound toprogress if buyers clear their brain and Kia takes care of generating demand without yielding the quality.

Kia Sportage

Kia’s lineup would be deficient without a hybrid. We, as a whole know hybrids create a great deal of income for auto producers as they are extensive volume venders and all the while exceptionally gainful. The Sportage is an appreciated expansion to the most swarmed of Kia’s focused set, it clashes with the Toyota C-HR, Honda Vezel, Audi Q2, BMW X1 and Suzuki Vitara (well you can overlook the Vitara for clear reasons).

A 1.6L four-bangerthumps at its heart and is receptive to inputs, yet in a vehicle like this and with this value.It absolutely appears to be under-controlled, particularly contrasted with the opposition.

For it to be an alluring alternative, Kia needs the turbocharger and direct-infused variant of this motor with 177 HP and 265 NM, which makes it the most capable among the pack and gives the efficiency a hop to 14 km/l, which is still genuinely shy of the opposition. It accompanies either a 6-Speed manual or a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission. What’s more, again I should applaud the planners here: It looks intense, tall and forcing as a hybrid ought to and still holds that mark Kia look.

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The ride is agreeable and taking care of is more than adequate for this class. Kia’s lodge and security tech requires no presentation. The Sportage scored a 5-Star rating in the EURO NCAP crash tests. Apple Car play, Android Auto, Auto-Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Prevention and Blind Spot checking are likewise accessible, however, simply like the Rio, they won’t not show up in Pakistan. It will enthusiasm to perceive how the Koreans contend in this section with the Japanese and German options. It positively gives off an impression of being a major ordeal for Kia,regardless of whether it is a fruitful major ordeal stays to be seen.

Kia Grand Carnival

  • Engine: 2.2L CRDi Turbocharged Inline 4 Diesel
  • Power: 147 HP
  • Torque: 440 Nm
  • Fuel Economy: 16.5 km/l
  • Price: PKR 4,500 000 – 5,000 000
The Carnival is a capricious story, a biggish MPV or a minivan intended to convey up to 8 individuals in comfortThe huge inside offers a lot of room for the two individuals and payload. I know I have said this a great deal amid this audit, however the beauticians have demonstrated once more that the mission of the vehicle does not need to affect its styling, the Carnival looks exquisite and forcing from each edge.

Kia’s standard plenty of innovation is available here in plenitude also. A 6 or 8-speed programmed is required to be mated to a 2.2L turbo diesel. Driving the jubilee is simple and agreeable, the low-mid torque of a diesel motor may amaze you in the event that you haven’t driven one, there’s a lot of pulling power for surpassing and handling awful streets.

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Today, engines have been thoroughly modernized by the use of Turbochargers and Common-Rail Direct Injection and this helps eliminate any concerns one may have over a diesel. Except one, to run this modern engine ULSD or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel is required, which is not available in Pakistan now. This will undoubtedly cause problems, so in my opinion they will either use a petrol engine from another model or bring the 3.3L T-GDi V6 engine here.

Either way, this is a big investment in a market that is non-existent and may account for only a sliver of their sales. Their target audience will be larger families for whom a big, efficient and spacious vehicle is a requirement. If you are one of them, then there is nothing quite like this available here.


In JD Power’s 2017 UK Vehicle Dependability Study Kia came at a great number one, tied with Volvo and beating Toyota (at number six) and even Suzuki (at number four). The Kia Picanto were the third most solid auto in the “City Car” classification. Hyundai i20, the Rio’s sister auto additionally came third in the “Little Car” class.

In Consumer Reports’ 2018 Predicted Reliability Study, Kia came in third place and the Kia Niro hybrid was given the title of “The Most Reliable New Car”, both are surprising accomplishments. The truth will surface eventually about the sturdiness of the previously mentioned autos on Pakistani streets, yet I am extremely certain maxim that these autos will be among the most dependable autos out and about and have the confirmation to back it up also. Rivalry is useful for the customer and the business all in all.
The arrival of Kia, Datsun, Hyundai and Volkswagen will open another part in the Pakistani car history and the purchaser will be the prime recipient. Following quite a while of sitting, Pak Suzuki, Honda Atlas and Toyota Indus at the long last need to react.

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