Come have a taste of Paradise - Coron Bay Philippines
A standout amongst the most captured puts in the Philippines is none other than the delightful Kayangan Lake. All things considered, really it’s not Kayangan Lake when you are taking a photo of the notable perspective you’re really taking a photo of Coron Bay. The waters of Kayangan Lake are said to be the cleanest and clearest in the Philippines. While we haven’t gone to them all it’s anything but difficult to see that this lake is exceptional. The water is to a great degree clear and the hues are astonishing. While it puts Coron on the guide for most guests, these wonderful islands hold numerous all the more stunning sights also. Here is all that you have to know when arranging a trek to Kayangan Lake.


This wonderful lake is situated on Coron Island close to the famous Philippines visitor town of Coron City on Busuanga Island. Kayangan Lake is in the piece of the nation known as Coron which is in the northern end of the Palawan Islands in the most distant southwest of the Philippines.

Step by step instructions to get to KAYANGAN LAKE

Most voyagers going to Kayangan Lake remain in Coron Town on the neighboring island of Busuanga in view of the air terminal and settlement choices. Kayangan Lake on Coron Island is a short watercraft ride away and can without much of a stretch be masterminded as a visit while in Coron Town. The two primary choices are to take a gathering visit or contract a private pontoon for the day to see Kayangan Lake and encompassing attractions.


This is the thing that everybody comes here for, this view appropriate here. A great many people know about Kayangan Lake for the popular perspective, yet what most don’t know is that the perspective isn’t taking a gander at Kayangan Lake. Rather, the perspective looks on to the Coron Bay between Coron Island and Busuanga Island. The view from the highest point of the slope on Coron Island looking down on the completely clear turquoise waters and tall bluffs of the encompassing islands. This is one of the spots I truly wish I would have had my automaton yet this was previously I went with an automaton.


Twin tidal ponds – Commonly bundled with Kayangan Lake, the twin tidal ponds are two amazing shallow saltwater tidal ponds with staggering water and incredible swimming openings.

Barracuda Lake – Another lake like Kayangan Lake is the neighboring Barracuda Lake on Coron Island. This lake is a great deal like Kayangan Lake, however fundamentally less went to since it’s not on the same number of bundled visits. Consider this choice in the event that you need to get away from the group. 

Wreck Diving in Coron – One of the best activities in here is to plunge the renowned WWII wrecks of Coron. There is a whole armada of Japanese boats at the base of the narrows fit as a fiddle and simple to jump profundities. An unquestionable requirement do while in Coron. 

Coron Bay is the place all the enchantment happens. This stunning labyrinth of dark blue water twists around tall limestone precipices that help you to remember the motion picture ‘Symbol’- it nearly doesn’t appear to be genuine.

There are different wrecks in the sound that have energized the development of normal reefs. These reefs and the destroyed boats make perfect jump and snorkel spots. 

You can agree to accept Island Tours that take you through Coron Bay while halting at mystery channels, directing you to the best swim spots, and going by perspectives that give you full point of view of the inlet. 

Swim in the Twin Lagoons 

Credit: Moon Ray Lo

Likewise called the “shrouded tidal ponds”, the Twin Lagoons offer an exceptional ordeal. The tidal ponds are basically two little lakes that have been made inside limestone precipices and are sustained by the turquoise sea water adjacent. 

At the point when the tide is low, the surface of the water lays underneath a lovely limestone passage, where you can swim through to the next tidal pond. 

As you swim through the water, you’ll go through warm spots and chilly spots that simply add to the abnormally brilliant experience. 

You have most likely never been scuba making a plunge a more delightful reef.

Skeleton Reef 

Skeleton Reef is home to an indented Chinese angling vessel that has empowered that development and advancement of a stunning reef. Stuck pressed of splendidly hued corals, blue and red mollusks the span of a burrito, and enormous schools of high contrast striped fish that aren’t hesitant to swim around with you-set yourselves up for the snorkel session of your life all cordoned off in one little tidal pond. 

Swim in Lake Kayangan
No more swimming off the shore; now it’s an ideal opportunity to take your water enterprises inland. Envision Coron Bay on the off chance that it was amidst the timberland. That is precisely what’s in store with Lake Kayangan. 
Put on some comfortable shoes and set off on the 15-minute climb up roughly 300 stairs. The climb requires a touch of exertion however the rich timberland landscape will absolutely help make the trip more agreeable. 
The lake is exquisite with a shore that you can swim into. From up high, it’s anything but difficult to see where the lake all of a sudden drops off into a more profound swimming pool. With 70% freshwater and 30% salt water, this lake is accepted to be occupied by (decent) profound creatures and along these lines, is where local people perform otherworldly customs.

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