Apple may Use MLCD+ like LG G7 ThinQ in its one of new iphone with 6.1 inch screen - Insight Trending

Apple may Use MLCD+ like LG G7 ThinQ in its one of new iphone with 6.1 inch screen

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As we know that apple announce its new iphone's usually in September every year.According to the current rumors apple also going to announce 3 iphone this year 2k18 one of which will be a bigger model with 6.1 LCD display

Now some insider tosses its guess into the ring that if apple introduce LCD in its new iphone 6.1 inch it might use the same MLCD+ that LG debuted in its LG G& ThinQ 

Which we reviewed few days ago . Switching to LCD make sense in low light of how expensive OLED is and new iphone is 6.1 inches so the size makes sense as well.

Now the question is what kind of MLCD+ display is ? 

The answer is that the IPS MLCD+ sounds very much like RGBW ary structure that LG introduced in some of their OLED TV's on 2k13.

M+ is LG Display's sub-pixel panel technology that uses four sub-pixels rather than three. Most displays use three sub-pixels: red, green, and blue. This RGB sub-pixel arrangement in a 3×1 layout is often referred to as RGB stripe. Three sub-pixels make a single pixel, physically and visually. M+ on the other hand uses four sub-pixels: red, green, blue, and white, or RGBW. And a pixel can have a different mix of RGBW.

It more suitable for streaming HDR video and viewing in bright light than dimmer screens.

The back light is the most expensive component of an LCD display. The strength of the back light is dependent on the number of pixels, as the back light has to be able to properly illuminate each pixel to display the image.

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